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Family Law and Mediation Conferences


Join family law colleagues and mediators

in enchanting Paris

and the

beautiful Bordeaux region

in 2020

The conference commences on
Saturday 28 March 2020 in Paris.
On Wednesday 1 April 2020
we move to the beautiful city of Bordeaux
where our conferences resumes.
The conference concludes on the evening of
Saturday 4 April 2020.

Feedback from our 2018 Conference

"Variety and depth of presentations was very valuable. Also the small workshop style learning environment was an absolute winner"

"Congratulations on organising an excellent conference with such fantastic, interesting and inspiring presentations!

Too often our conferences end in boring sessions, so it was wonderful to attend a conference that left me feeling enlightened and inspired in my career"

"A bespoke conference that provided quality with regard to content and learning opportunities, and encouraged honest and robust discussion at each session"

"Great people and topics. The venues were nice and the schedule was great. Overall, very well done!

Feedback on individual sessions

"Fabulous and I learnt a lot. I want more!"

"Excellent information and presentation"

Leanne Bamford: Keeping children safe in parenting matters where domestic violence has been identified

"Very passionate and informative!"

Chrissy Leontios: Working with clients who have experienced domestic violence

"Interesting to be exposed to a new model. Engaging and lovely to see the way they work together, benefiting from different skills"  

Christina and Juris Vinters: Empathy - Rocket fuel for your practice - How to connect with the clients you'd like to attract



"Loved it! Amazing research. Loved his bold statements" 

Michael Keogh: Off with their heads! Family lawyers as gatekeepers

"Brilliant. Ideas well and truly nicked!" 

Natalie Armstrong- Motin: Marketing your ADR Practice




"Great overview"

Helen Baker: Bridging the gap between separation and getting on your feet again. When going through a divorce what is it that a client needs to know?

"Very interesting and compelling presentation. Well done"

Marguerite Picard and Dr Tina Sinclair: Disaster Relief ...the first 20 hours after the Breakup

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